Cabinet Office

We have been successful with three applications to work with clients to develop social impact systems and improve reporting. The work is to be funded through the second round of the Cabinet Office Impact Readiness Fund.

The Impact Readiness Fund was put in place by the Cabinet Office to help organisations working within the area of social impact to access new forms of investment and compete for public service contracts.

There are many investors out there that are looking to invest in organisations that work towards creating a positive social impact in society. However, investors are increasingly looking for quantifiable evidence of social impact.

In the past many social ventures found this difficult to demonstrate. This is where the Impact Readiness Fund helps them, by offering support from experts they can show potential investors the full impact they make on society.

Grants ranged from £15,000 to £150,000 and we were swamped with enquiries from a range of organisations, demonstrating the need for support in this area to enable business’ to reach their full potential

We are really excited to be working with three great organisations and will be posting details about these and providing updates of the work that we do will be doing as soon as contracts are signed and the work has commenced. It will be a very interesting journey to see how this support helps these organisations flourish and the path it now takes them on.

With the right support and investment behind them we strongly believe that these organisations can impact positively on society and it would be fantastic to see the Cabinet Office provide more funding via the Impact Readiness Fund in the near future. We know there is an overwhelming demand for it and believe that there are many more investors looking for the right social venture to invest in.