Cabinet Office

Cogent Ventures are delighted to be included as an approved provider for round two of the Cabinet Office Impact Readiness Fund. We were privileged to have helped three ventures to improve social impact reporting during round one of the programme. We now hope to build on this success by helping up to five VCSEs to develop their processes and systems for measuring and improving impact.

Impact Readiness grants are available to help ambitious social ventures manage their performance and increase their social impact to attract social investment and win contracts.Social investors and commissioners are interested in the social impact ventures achieve, but demonstrating this impact can be difficult. Many social ventures struggle to quantify their achievements without the right systems and expertise.

This fund offers grants and support to social ventures to understand and improve their social impact and demonstrate improvements to investors and commissioners.Grants between £25,000 and £100,000 will be available to help ventures build infrastructure and skills required to manage their performance, increase their social impact, and attract social investment / win contracts.

Social ventures will be required to work with one of the fund’s approved support providers such as Cogent Ventures to develop a programme of impact readiness work and submit an application.

Jim Brooks, Director at Cogent Ventures commented “Our success with round one of Impact Readiness meant that we were able to make a large contribution to the world of Social Impact. Being part of round two only furthers this. We are both honoured and excited at being given this opportunity.”

For further information contact Jim Brooks 07507 272975