Cogent Ventures is delighted to be listed as a provider of business advice on the Good Finance website.

Good Finance is a collaborative project to help improve access to information on social investment for charities and social enterprises. The project recognises that social investment can often be confusing and difficult to navigate. That’s why in 2016 key representative from social enterprises, charity and social investment sectors came together to launch an initiative to help tackle this barrier for social sector organisations.

The Good Finance Mission

To be the single trusted source of information on social investment for charities and social enterprises. To be achieved by:

  1. Improving knowledge on social investment, what it is, what it can be used for and the journey and process it requires
  2. Enabling organisations to make informed decisions, based on their needs and situation, not on embedded attitudes
  3. Helping connect organisations to the right investors to talk to based on shared values

Website and project

Good Finance consists of two distinct, but by no means separate strands.

The website: to help inform and educate social enterprises and charities about repayable finance and better connect them with social investors.

The project: offline engagement activity such as events, workshops and webinars, new case study content and videos, and growing marketing channels.

Why is it needed?

Charities and social enterprises identified a critical need for a comprehensive digital resource to help them to effectively navigate social investment. Evidence of this need originates from a number of sources including:

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